The Domus of the Fortuna Annonaria

There’s many places that I love walking around Ostia Antica but if I had to mention one I would choose the Domus of the Fortuna Annonaria.

This only site is worth the trip for the quantity of well preserved mosaics and marbles that still decorate part of this important house dating back to the 4th century AD and built readapting a previous costruction. Off the main road, the Decumanus Maxumus, you can only get there if you know the place and for this reason most of the times the Domus is empty and give its lucky guests the privilege to enjoy the large spaces completely. Fountains and flowers used to decorate the patio as well as statues, including the Fortuna Annonaria’s which names it and represent the protectress of the large storages in town. After all, this was an important role of Ostia and the local barns would feed the Capital. Not to be missed the mosaic of the She-wolf with Romulus and Remus, Atteon turned into a deer for having seen Diana naked having a bath in a river and a well preserved toilette in the back of the house!

The Domus of the Fortuna Annonaria.

The Domus of the Fortuna Annonaria.

Maurizio Benvenuti, Tour Guide