Donate for Ostia

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Ostia needs our help. Hundreds of buildings have been uncovered at Ostia. The sheer extent of the excavations creates an immersive – almost magical – experience for every visitor. Such an enormous site is difficult to maintain, and the human and environmental impact on the archaeological remains can be devastating.

How can we preserve Ostia for ourselves and for the future?

FORO is committed to raising awareness about Ostia and its environs through our Webmagazine and through social media. We are also committed to restoring Ostia, one brick and one tessera at a time. Our approach? Working with the Ostian superintendency, we identify areas of high cultural value that are in immediate danger. And we create a plan of action.

Become a Friend of Roman Ostia

Your contribution will directly fund the preservation of Ostia. With your donation today, you are funding the restoration of the Cane Monnus Mosaic, which has lain hidden from visitors’ eyes for decades.