At-a-glance information about publishing articles
in the Friends of Roman Ostia Web Magazine

The FORO Web Magazine deals specifically with aspects of Ostia Antica & Portus.
Members’ articles are published and edited on this site.
Every article is published in English and Italian. An article whose original text is in German, French, Dutch or another language will also appear in English and Italian. Additional translations are contingent upon availability of translators and editors.
Your submission should be written for a broad audience and not exceed 2000 words. Authors are encouraged to keep jargon and technical vocabulary to a minimum, to explain specialized vocabulary in laymen’s terms and to minimize the use of footnotes.

Posts in the “Favorites” category (share your favorite place in Ostia) are shorter, up to 300 words, and will be published in the original language.

Author is responsible for obtaining permission for images and figures.
Final acceptance for publication is subject to evaluation by the Editorial Board, composed of Mary Jane Cuyler and Tonnie Huijzendveld (Arnoldus).

All text will be published under a Creative Commons License CC BY-NC-SA 4.0. Feel free to publish it on your website or blog, under the following conditions: You must give appropriate credit, mention the author and provide a link to the original publication and to the license indicated above. You may not use the material for commercial purposes.