High pines and fantastic ruins

Ostia Antica is such a beautiful place with high pines and fantastic ruins, some of which are so well preserved – where else in the world can you see ruins of roman insula-buildings? Through pictures and films I’ve studied reconstructions of the town and sometimes it strikes me that the area is probably more beautiful now than it was in the days of Hadrian. The combination of park and magnificent ruins evokes pure historic joy.

My favourite place is the area around Caseggiato degli Aurigi and Case Giardino. To reconstruct the buildings in your mind and try to see them as they once were makes you feel like an architect from the 2nd Century Anno Domini.

It’s is really a pity that there isn’t a time machine with which you could visit the town in the old days and try the wine & food in the cauponas and sneak into the Insula of Diana. I could for hours write about the joys of walking around Ostia Antica…

Mikael Stenvall